Sunday, November 23, 2008

Do You Golf?

I know some of you, especially from the East Coast, will probably find the rocky landscape pictures from yesterday somewhat depressing. These lots may be more to your style. This is a different development surrounding a golf course and filled with houses that are more Tuscan influenced. Most of the lots face the golf course and some have a strip view.

This is a typical half acre lot with a view of the strip to the north. About three quarters of it is buildable, with a portion of steep slope down to the golf course below. The buildable land is perfectly flat fill and priced very reasonably. There is no earth moving or engineering to worry about. I'm sure many people would find this heavenly. But to us it just seems boring. We are not golfers. Privacy and space are more important to us than greenery. The option of building a very different, very unique house is more appealing to us than another McMansion. I tried very hard to like this community, but in the end we are going back to the first rocky community (which does have a golf course, but not next to any of the properties that we are interested in). Tomorrow morning we will walk some of the properties again that we saw in the late afternoon. We will also go back after dark to see what views the properties have of the sparkling strip and city lights.


AnotherDayInParadise said...

Oh, come on now.
Wouldn’t it be easier if you just took up golf, and gave up this silly fascination with geology?

Ruth said...

Lord help the golfer who sliced into your yard. :)

I think I'm holding out for you being Gil's neighbor ;-)