Monday, October 5, 2009

Final Plan

This is the final plan. We lost the separate entrance for the guest room, but got the curved great room with unobstructed Strip view that we wanted. We lost a lot of the bar, but gained a much bigger kitchen. We lost the theater door at the end of a long hallway (we were going to make it steel and leather), but gained the projector throw that we needed for our big screen. We lost the elevator (and still have some stairs), but kept most of the house on one level. We lost some of our closet space, but kept the private Master Bedroom area.

Please ignore some of the raggedy lines at the bottom of the drawing. I had to make this up by scanning the full sized plans and piecing it together in Photoshop. Not all of the pieces are exactly the same scale and orientation. But overall, though it has been months that we have had to live with this final design, it meets all of our criteria. We are quite happy with it. No, take that back. We are ECSTATIC about this design. We are already living there in our heads. We are putting furniture in place. Deciding where pictures will go. Contemplating where each kind of book will go (notice, there are a lot of built in bookcases, even without showing the freestanding ones.) We are even ready to hang our clothes (or in James' case, his art) in our closets. If you have a clear idea of how you live and you can communicate this to your architect and he listens to you, all designs will be this good.

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Jennifer said...

Love it. Love it. Love it. When can I move in? LOL