Friday, April 9, 2010

Day One

I guess we were way optimistic that we would have a building permit in only two more weeks.  Try four more months!  And after the building permit was finally approved, we still had to wait while the excavator tested the soil (again) and lined up the heavy machinery.  But even if we are eight months behind where I thought we would be by now, we finally are starting the construction phase.

This is what the site looks like now - a big orange digger and a smaller yellow hauler.  With, of course, the most important part of the site, the orange portapotty.  For the next 90 days, there won't be a lot of work on the house itself.  Starting at the base of the fifty foot slope, they will be working their way up the slope building retaining walls.  The first wall will be a large rockery wall that will match the rock near the site.  That will be followed by several walls that will be tiled to match the house itself.

I won't have daily reports for a while, but at least I hope to see progress week by week.  Time to go back and make a few more decisions, starting with the windows and interior doors.  Of course, what I am really thinking about are the kitchen cabinets and the paint colors, but those decisions are needed far in the future.

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Chiloe said...

Look at the view you are going to have !!! YOu must be so excited ;-)