Thursday, April 22, 2010

First They Built A Wall

At the end of the second week, we have not only a wall foundation, but an actual wall!  And strangely enough for southern Nevada in April, it rained much of the afternoon.   This was a good thing because the dust can be a real problem, especially when we get strong winds, like yesterday.  The white truck is a water truck that is used to keep the dust down when the contractors are moving dirt.  We should be able to use the water from the local water pipes, but unfortunately, the pipes along our road are not hooked up yet -- Real Soon Now.  The wall will be extended further down the slope (to the left in the picture above) as soon as the inspector passes on the sewer pipe that will be under the wall at the lowest point.  We were lucky to be able to connect to a lower sewer pipe rather than the pipe in front of the house and have to use a pump to raise the sewage up to the front road.

The wall they are building is made of interlocking bricks with netting between every four rows to further strengthen the wall.  Although the bricks are fairly handsome by themselves, eventually they will be clad in rough rock to match the blasted canyon walls further down the slope.  They are just about ready to start the next wall up the slope, which will be clad in stone tiles to match the tiles on the house itself.  There are three levels of walls and a fairly huge footing for the house itself.  It wouldn't have taken months to get the permits if we could have built one tall wall, but there are restrictions on the height that any wall can be.  Then every wall has to be separated by several feet before another wall can be built.  It took a lot of negotiation to get the engineering of these walls just right.  But I am actually feeling less paranoid about the length of time it took to get our building permits.  Another couple who bought a piece of flat land about the same time we did and are building a smaller and more traditional house near us just got their building permit.  I guess firing 90% of the plan checkers who used to work for the City of Henderson has brought most construction to a standstill.

Tomorrow we are planning to meet with the first of several window vendors.  We need to get the windows ordered because most of them are custom sizes.  After choosing the windows we will work on ordering the doors, so that when the framing starts in a couple of months everything structural will be ready to go.

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Sherri said...

The dream home is taking shape...congratulations!