Thursday, April 29, 2010

Those Are BIG Rocks!

The structural part of the bottom wall is finished.  It is even backfilled.  The stakes are in place for the second wall.  Now they are placing the large rock cladding in front of the bottom wall.  Eventually these rocks will be spray painted a darker color to match the rocks on the cliffs in the area.  The crane operator was very skilled.  He was picking up those rocks as if they were small building blocks and putting them in the right place one after the other.

The general contractor says that everything is going very smoothly. They should be able to start pouring the foundation in a little more than a month.  But that means that we have to make final decisions on the interior doors and plumbing before the foundation is laid.

We have checked out the recommended window and exterior door manufacturer.  They build mostly commercial windows and doors, but since the exterior theme is "Silicon Valley Corporate", what they have is perfect for us; heavy aluminum framed windows and doors in clear coat.  They will be very modern and clean.  Unfortunately we don't have a clue about what to chose for interior doors; painted?  stained?  paneled?  We will have a lot of decisions to make next week.

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jcbemis said...

I'm glad it's finally progressing again