Friday, May 7, 2010

FIrst Wall Finished

The first wall is finished, including the backfill. Now come the civil engineers again to measure the compaction and check the footing for the second wall.  The second wall will be built with the same interlocking blocks, but this time it will be faced with large tiles, not rocks.

While the construction people are building walls, we are picking out plumbing fixtures.  The toilets were relatively easy (functional, power flushing, one piece, all white except for the guest room where the theme is black).  So were the kitchen sinks (Kohler cast iron Executive Chef and oval Iron/Tones).  The bar sink will be something small in stainless steel.  Unfortunately during our visit I had a bad reaction to my first chemotherapy pills and we had to cut short our visit.  We will try to get back there next week.


Reika said...

It's lovely to see things happen. A little bit of progress is still progress.

Good luck with the chemo.


Front Range Stitcher said...

Kathryn, now see if I wouldn't have gone into your blog directly and poked around, I might not have found this interesting blog of your home building process. This looks so magnificant.

Is it premature to thank you for building the guest suite with access to the terrace? :) I also noticed how close your studio is situated to the master suite. Perfect!

I am very sorry that the pills caused a problem; you remain in my thoughts and prayers Kathryn.