Monday, May 31, 2010

The Pour

I am not a morning person. When our contractors called and said they would be pouring concrete for the second retaining wall at 7:30 am on Friday, I would rather have sent James out there with his better camera and just stayed bundled up in bed. But James was in the San Francisco Bay Area to see his doctor and go to Baycon. I stayed here for my Friday radiation treatment. So I piled on the layers (yes, it is the end of May in Las Vegas, but we haven't had a 100 degree day yet) and hustled over to the site. The wind was howling at 40 miles an hour and it wasn't more than 65 degrees F. Later in the day it got appreciatively warmer, but not that morning. I got there before the first cement truck, but shortly there was a platoon of cement trucks lining up to the boom crane.

In the trench with the rebar several guys were maneuvering the pipe and trying to spread the cement in an even layer. They had removed their shoes and were wearing rubber boots.

Two other guys were building the concrete block wall.

This is a one minute video of the process. I turned the audio down so that people wouldn't get blown away. In the bottom left hand corner you can see two guys building the retaining wall itself. Everything was moving very quickly. They thought that the entire pour would be finished by noon.

This is the mostly finished wall on the eastern (lower) side. Eventually the cement block will be covered with decorative tile.

This is the finished pour. The cement goes from the low point on the western edge and stairsteps up to the highest edge on the east. The east wall is about 20 feet tall. Eventually the trench will be backfilled with dirt and compacted. There is nothing planned for these levels except some trees that will be planted there. We tried to make sure that there was access for gardeners, but it isn't really a usable area.


LindaN said...

Niice it's finally started but i have to admit we have very different thought of temperature. 65 is shorts/summerpants & thirt weather for me and 100?..Please kill me.. *lol* Here a good summertemp is 68-80 :-)

Front Range Stitcher said...

Unreal! The process shown in the video is a little scary; no room for mistakes when it comes to pouring concrete. The retaining wall is huge too and will undoubtedly be magnificent once tiled. I know it's early in the process but the excitement is beginning to build. :) Take care.

Thiruppathy Raja said...

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