Sunday, October 17, 2010

From 2D to 3D

All of a sudden, lumber. Once the foundation is in place, the rough framing happens very quickly. Within a day or two half of the house is framed. This is the part of building that leads to a somewhat false impression that you are closer to being finished than you really are. Framing is fast, but finishing is slow.

But this is where the volume of the house is finally becoming clear. Walls are defined. Hallways become evident. Windows take shape.

Underneath it all there are cryptic messages to remind the builders exactly what they are constructing. Here is a twelve foot ceiling with a nine and a half foot soffit.

Although it isn't as dangerous as finishing the roof several stories in the air, it still takes some balance. And lots of nails. Lots and lots of nails. And nail guns.

And the nail guns take lots and lots of electricity. There are power cables snaking everywhere.

Here is the view from one of the Master Bedroom windows. Even the parts of the house that don't have a direct Strip view, still will have a pretty good view, especially at night when all the lights shine.

Now the house is becoming visible from afar. It's remarkable how you can see it from very far away. But that is a rule. If you have a good view, then people also have a good view of you.